In a U.S. News report, financial advisor, Lyle Wolberg, discusses the importance of understanding how your genetics can help you better prepare for your financial future. The key topic addressed in the article is how advisors can help their clients ensure that not only do they not outlive their money but that they are able to get the care they need while in retirement.
Wolberg points out that “The more information you and your advisor have, the better your retirement years will be. That’s why we take advantage of today’s technology and consider things like genetics, lifestyle choices and other factors when helping people plan for their future.”        
Genivity CEO, Heather Holmes, offers her insights on this topic throughout the article and provides a breakdown of how HALO by Genivity factors into the planning process.
You can read more about how genetics can influence your retirement planning and how HALO by Genivity can provide a care cost-focused solution for you and your clients during the planning process.