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Health is Your Client's Greatest Asset

How are you protecting it?

Introducing the Genivity Planning Suite For Financial Planners

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Health is Your Client's Greatest Asset

How are you protecting it?

Introducing the Genivity Planning Tool For Financial Planners And Affluent Clients
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 “How can financial advisors possibly fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to clients today without an intimate knowledge of the health aspects impacting both their physical and financial lives.”

– Dr. Joseph Coughlin Executive Director, MIT AgeLab

Genivity – An Easy Way To Have Critical Conversations With Clients

Families are complicated. But, helping them plan for the future doesn’t have to be.  Genivity helps you have critical conversations with clients about their retirement and estate plans. Here’s how:

Genivity analyzes health risks and care costs to help advisors have critical conversations with clients.

As their advisor, you can be their lifeline to bridge the gap between health and wealth to help the family prepare for potential risks. Plus, you’ll deepen current client relationships and gain new clients within the family.

Help Clients Prepare For A Health Crisis With Genivity

As an advisor, you know that planning for the costs of potential health risks and long-term care are among clients’ top concerns. It’s going to be their biggest expense during their retirement. The Genivity Planning Suite helps families understand how health risks can impact their overall financial plan, their current income distributions and their estate planning needs.

Genivity Helps Clients Plan Together With The Next Generation

Not only does Genivity help clients reach their current financial goals, but it can help them plan for future generations by engaging other family members into the conversation. This makes it easier for you to:
  • Provide a more comprehensive financial plan based on potential client needs–    and their entire family’s needs
  • Help clients sustain wealth while taking income withdrawals from accumulated assets
  • Engage spouses and children in the estate planning and wealth transfer process
  • Give documentation for product recommendations and targeted advice to clients

Get Behind The Scenes With Genivity

The Genivity Planning Suite was built by trusted experts with backgrounds in medical sales, data science and health IT.
  • Strictly science-based with robust analytics
  • Proprietary technology and machine-learning algorithms
  • Two patents filed
  • Family-tested & doctor approved
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Genivity Features

Household Planning

Customized planning for long-term care and health costs

Identifies Risk

Proprietary assessments quantify client health risks and provides preventative tips

Easy to Understand

Offers simplified reporting with key health considerations for setting planning goals

Personalized Conversations

Provides actionable data for targeted recommendations and cross-sell opportunities

Secure Vault

Includes a secure vault for storage of family health records, insurance documents, advance directives, wills, and more

Education & Support

Hassle-free client education throughout the year keeps the advisor top-of-mind with the family
“Individuals should feel comfortable and engaged when participating in financial planning conversations, and a delightful user experience can go a long way in getting more complete, truthful data.”  Emily Chang, PhD

Chief Data Scientist, Genivity

What People Are Saying:

“As someone who hates discussing family health issues, postpones doctor appointments, and generally avoids thinking about these things, I’m sold. It’s the responsible thing to do for my family. Like they say, “access this information whenever you need to-just think, your family history could be a mere tap away!” Allyson Mansfield

Member, 2016

“[Genivity] helps me identify health traits that exist between the generations of my family. Knowing that my illness isn’t really “mine” alone helps me begin to change my wellness habits.” Amy Archibald

Member 2016

“[Genivity by TapGenes is a] unique product/service that could be offered to our clients, bring direct value to them and more opportunities for our business to be at the center of their financial lives.” Fortune 150 Financial Company

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