Genivity and BMO Harris | Longevity and Financial Planning

There’s no debating that with life expectancy going up, money and other resources will have to last longer and be more effective than in generations past. With this new standard, it’s important that financial considerations are taken seriously so that clients can spend their retirement with peace of mind.

Heather Holmes, founder and CEO of Genivity was recently interviewed by BMO Harris magazine to discuss our startup Genivity,  life expectancy, misconceptions about the financial planning process, and Genivity’s HALO assessment that marries health and family history to better assess how to plan for care costs in retirement.

In this podcast, Heather talks about Genivity’s unique approach to assessing the golden years of your life. The conversation covers a broad range of topics from health habits and how they will play out in your later years to identifying which children will be the best at caring for their parents in retirement. This is a productive look into the changing world of retirement, financial planning and how health plays a unique role in making sure clients prosper in their final years.

Whether you’re a long time client of Genivity or just scratching the surface, this talk is a great overview of the company, the values we hold, and the mission we are trying to accomplish. We’d like to thank BMO Harris for taking the time to sit down with Heather and shine a spotlight on the important work we’re trying to do.

You can listen to the full interview here.