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Genivity Accepted to 2019 FIS FinTech Accelerator

Genivity Accepted to 2019 FIS FinTech Accelerator

Over the last few months, our Founder and CEO, Heather Holmes, has been broadening her knowledge of the financial tech industry at the prestigious FIS Fintech Accelerator in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Who is FIS?

FIS serves the largest players in the financial world, processing 27 billion transactions and $9 trillion annually. Out of 30 fintech startups, only 10 leaders are asked to participate in this exclusive accelerator. During their 12 week stay, they learn from the best, brightest and most influential people in the fintech sector. Corporate partners such as Google, AWS and Hubspot are investing in the next generation of financial technology. We’re proud to be among them. 

How Genivity is excelling at the accelerator

Genivity started as a platform to use family health history, environmental factors, and behavioral information to project future medical expenses of any given individual. Today, after attending the FIS Accelerator, Heather is convinced we can do that and so much more. The price of medical care shows no signs of decreasing. Giving people solutions to help them plan how much they will need and when has the potential to open up billions of dollars in savings and push the envelope on future financial planning.

Heather and the entire Genivity team were honored that she was invited to this accelerator. It not only validates that Genivity is on to something groundbreaking, but that our technology and vision have the potential to disrupt the financial industry globally. More importantly, however, help people live healthy, happy lives in retirement. 

To read more about Heather’s time at the accelerator and the backstory of Genivity, check out this interview from FIS

Case Study: How to Win More Financial Planning Clients with Genivity HALO

Case Study: How to Win More Financial Planning Clients with Genivity HALO

Planning for the unknown is tricky. Projecting what a client may need in terms of future healthcare is especially tricky. Mortality tables can help determine the likelihood of someone living into their 80’s or 90’s, but they’re generalizations. Those tables don’t consider an individual’s health history or family genetics, nor do they predict the likelihood of specific healthcare needs such as long-term care.

But what if you had the ability to use individual data to project what healthcare needs and costs a client may encounter? Wouldn’t that be a useful solution to help clients plan for their future?

Using HALO to differentiate your practice

Now you have the ability to do just that. Genivity’s HALO (Health Analysis & Longevity Optimizer) combines science and financial planning to better project a client’s future healthcare costs. Developed by experts in computational genetics, data science, and health IT, HALO provides an individualized risk assessment based on personal health data.

Using HALO is simple. It’s a quick, guided process that not only produces a detailed report tailored to your client, but it opens the door to what some may think are difficult conversations. HALO will help facilitate the discussion about your client’s future healthcare needs and costs, how they can plan for that, and how other family members will be impacted. You’re not only serving the client, you’re helping them take care of their whole family.

HALO provides you with an extraordinary opportunity to better serve your clients by helping them understand how personal choices now can better prepare them and their entire family for tomorrow.

Read about how HALO has helped other advisors

Other financial and insurance advisors are using HALO to better serve their clients. As an example, Erik Olson, an RIA headquartered in the Chicagoland area, recently began using HALO in his practice. Already he is engaging more new clients and building trust with existing ones.

In one case, by using HALO, Erik was able to help a couple discover that the wife had a shorter life-expectancy than her husband – definitely not what one would expect using traditional mortality tables. But through that discovery, Erik was able to help the couple modify their insurance and estate planning to more accurately match their risk. They increased protection for the husband, avoiding a potential financial shortfall for him in the future.

This individualized planning was not possible before HALO. Understanding what health-related circumstances the future may bring, and then planning for that, creates an improved peace of mind.

HALO will help set you apart from competitors

Not only is HALO helping Erik better serve his clients, it is separating him from his competitors. Using HALO will set you apart and provide a competitive advantage over other advisors. With so much competition, it’s imperative to differentiate yourself. To succeed, you can’t just sit around and continue to do business as usual. Using innovative solutions such as HALO will set you apart from the rest of the pack and show your clients you truly care about them and their family’s wellbeing.

Ready to learn more? Read our case study and find out how Genivity can help you better serve your clients.

Announcing the HALO by Genivity + Orion Integration

Announcing the HALO by Genivity + Orion Integration

Orion Advisor Services and Genivity are excited to announce the release of the Genivity HALO integration into the Orion Advisors solutions dashboard. This integration enhances the client portal experience and means that if you use Orion, you’ll now have quick access to the HALO Planner so you can deliver personalized longevity and healthcare expense planning to your clients even easier than before.

How your clients benefit from HALO

Health and eldercare expenses are the biggest unknown in financial planning.  Most advisors base their estimate on the average person, but your clients are not average.

And it’s no secret that longevity is a hot topic of conversation for advisors. With clients living longer than ever before, financial and retirement planning is getting more and more complex. Add to it increased longevity and the uncertainty of out-of-pocket health and elder care expenses and things can get complicated quickly.

The HALO Planner enables you and your clients to see personalized longevity projections along with how to think about retirement in terms of active healthy years and later elder care years and the related health expenses at each phase along the way.  The data-driven algorithm behind HALO accounts for family health history and lifestyle factors to provide personalized projections for individual clients.

As client lifestyles and histories change, the HALO Planner continues to refine their projections, which is why Genivity recommends clients update their HALO assessment at least once a year.

The nature of the assessment also opens the door for you as the advisor to start having better conversations around health and how it can affect client wealth and planning.  With personalized longevity and health care expense projections in hand, you can help your clients better plan for retirement and elder care as they age and prepare for their next stage in life.

How the integration works

If you’re an Orion advisor customer already, you’ll be able to add HALO by Genvity to your clients’ dashboards as soon as you purchase your HALO subscription.

Orion Client Portal

Image 1: Orion Client Portal with Genivity Access

Once your clients login to their portal, all they need to do is click the Genivity tab in the top Tools navigation menu and the HALO assessment will open directly in the portal. Directing them to the assessment is a great way to prepare for a client meeting, as it will allow you to have all of the data prior to them coming to your office.

Orion HALO Asssessment

Image 2: HALO Assessment in the Client Portal

The client can take the assessment directly in the portal. After a client has taken the HALO assessment, you’ll be able to see all of your stored client data in the secure HALO advisor dashboard, using a single sign-on, which you can access from your Orion integrations dashboard.

Orion HALO Advisor Portal

Image 3: Genivity Advisor Dashboard Launch Button on the Orion Advisor Dashboard

Once in your HALO advisor portal, you can see usage stats as well as individual client results and reports. You can use the reports as a starting point for your client discussions and help provide a more robust, engaging, and personalized client experience.

HALO Adivsor Portal

Image 4: Example Advisor Dashboard with HALO Usage Stats

Enhance your HALO experience

When you begin using HALO, you can take your experience even further by embedding the HALO Planner assessment directly on your advisor website. You can leverage the HALO Planner to drive lead generation and business development by directing prospective clients directly to your site to take the assessment.

Once they take the assessment, you can access the lead information within your HALO dashboard via your Orion advisor portal.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to start the health and wealth conversation and provide a more personalized client experience, schedule a consultation today. Once you subscribe to an annual HALO plan, you’ll be able to add it to your workflow directly within your Orion advisor portal.

Not an Orion user yet? Be sure to learn more about Orion and their many integrations here.

Differentiate Your Practice by Asking the Right Questions

Differentiate Your Practice by Asking the Right Questions

There are trillions of dollars surrounding the nearly 80 million baby boomers who are set to retire in the coming years. Such a vast quantity of wealth is undoubtedly going to attract massive competition from the financial management sector. And with the rise of robo advisors, there’s more and more competition for the pre-retirement crowd, too.

With so much money and so much competition, do you have a plan to set yourself apart from the crowd? More importantly, can you address your clients’ concerns with confidence and accuracy?

Asking the Right Questions

The main question most clients have is “will there be enough?” For many financial planners, this can be a fairly daunting question. They don’t know what the future holds, how many years their clients have left, and what level of care they will need in those remaining years. What if you had a different answer? What if you could give your clients a better financial picture of their retirement years and accurately predict how much their care will cost in the future?

Genivity’s HALO (Health Analysis & Longevity Optimizer) can help you do just that. ​Built by trusted experts with backgrounds in computational genetics, data science, and health IT, HALO pinpoints a client’s risk so the advisor can help the client plan for it. The HALO assessment also provides firms with rich and insightful client data. Firms can use the data to spot trends and needs among their clients and prospective clients, which in turn helps them better understand what types of products and solutions their firm should focus on offering.

The opportunity presented by accurately predicting future healthcare costs is unprecedented. With HALO’s analysis, you can give directionally accurate healthcare cost and mortality projections personalized to the client – something that your competition can’t do.

What can HALO do for you?

There’s no reason to believe that health-care related costs will go anywhere but up, wouldn’t you like the opportunity to tell your clients how much money they will need moving into retirement? HALO brings science and financial planning together to reveal critical aspects of a client’s financial future they never considered before with the eye-opening ability to accurately predict future health care costs. These are the questions you need to be asking and this is the tool to set you apart from others in your field.

If you’re interested in working with a cutting-edge healthcare cost prediction solution, read our case study to see how Genivity can benefit your firm as it has so many others already.

Genivity’s Heather Holmes on BMO Harris Podcast

Genivity’s Heather Holmes on BMO Harris Podcast

There’s no debating that with life expectancy going up, money and other resources will have to last longer and be more effective than in generations past. With this new standard, it’s important that financial considerations are taken seriously so that clients can spend their retirement with peace of mind.

Heather Holmes, founder and CEO of Genivity was recently interviewed by BMO Harris magazine to discuss our startup Genivity,  life expectancy, misconceptions about the financial planning process, and Genivity’s HALO assessment that marries health and family history to better assess how to plan for care costs in retirement.

In this podcast, Heather talks about Genivity’s unique approach to assessing the golden years of your life. The conversation covers a broad range of topics from health habits and how they will play out in your later years to identifying which children will be the best at caring for their parents in retirement. This is a productive look into the changing world of retirement, financial planning and how health plays a unique role in making sure clients prosper in their final years.

Whether you’re a long time client of Genivity or just scratching the surface, this talk is a great overview of the company, the values we hold, and the mission we are trying to accomplish. We’d like to thank BMO Harris for taking the time to sit down with Heather and shine a spotlight on the important work we’re trying to do.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Genivity’s Approach to Security: An Interview with Heesh Naim

Genivity’s Approach to Security: An Interview with Heesh Naim

Today we welcome the Genivity CTO, Heesh Naim, to the Genivity blog to tell us a bit more about himself, explore his stance on security, and how he fosters growth within the organization. Heesh comes to Genivity with a wealth of experience in both enterprise security and startup growth. He worked for 12 years at Motorola in IT security and then spent time working with one of the fastest growing Insurtech companies, Snapsheet.

As the Chief Technology Officer, Heesh is the technical wiz that powers Genivity. But aside from all things technology, he also enjoys being involved in the other aspects of Genivity as a business. “That is one of the reasons I joined the team. I have the ability to be involved and integral to everything from driving individual product direction and decisions to proposing new products and solutions to driving the overall company direction and interacting with investors.”

Heesh believes that being well rounded allows him to make the best technology decisions to foster the growth and success of the organization.

He sees the Genivity HALO solution as an evolution of years of discovery, research, and development. That evolution will be ongoing in order to keep the solution at the forefront of the industry, offering both an easy yet comprehensive solution to planning for health expenses in retirement. Part of that evolution will be the creation of complementary and augmented solutions, providing an option to meet the financial planning needs of every client, advisor, and organization.

Security has been a focal point for tech companies, especially in the fintech sector, in recent years. Heesh has worked tirelessly to ensure user security for HALO users, as he views ” cyber attacks, data breach, and unforeseen outages are amongst our top security concerns.”

The first two of which really revolve around privacy, meaning that customer data is anonymized and protected. Heesh and the Genivity team as a whole go to great lengths to ensure this privacy as it is designed into our solutions, gathering mostly non-personally identifiable information, yet still specific to give the best-personalized recommendations.

“Behind our solutions are also a host of security mechanisms in place to detect and prevent a data breach. We also utilize an auto-scaling, geo-redundant, cloud-based solution to protect ourselves from unforeseen outages.”

The foundation of a secure system begins with the client. As such, there are several things financial advisors should be aware of as they think about the security and privacy of their client information.

Heesh believes there are two major aspects that provide the foundation for the security of a financial advisement practice. First, the vast majority of financial advisors are utilizing 3rd party software to enter, pull in, or aggregate financial information for their clients. Your overall security is only as good as your weakest link. If any of those aggregation points is insecure, all of the data is vulnerable.

“The second follows the concept of the weakest link, where my message to the financial advisor would be, don’t be the weakest link. The majority of information leak or data breach is due to someone taking information from a secure environment and housing it in an insecure environment. For example, a printed document that isn’t disposed of properly or sending secure information over insecure channels. Don’t open suspicious emails, don’t store sensitive information insecurely on your laptop, overall educate yourself on best practices for your information and apply that to your practice.”

Beyond security, Heesh sees several other areas at the top of the Genivity development list.

“Modularity/Extendibility of our solutions is a big concern in the development of all Genivity products. We are trying to create a baseline solution that plugs a significant gap in financial planning software today, however, there isn’t a one size fits all type of solution that will work across the board.”

In order to meet these needs, it’s of Heesh’s view that we must develop our product to be agile in the way it can fit with current and future financial planning solutions. We are creating a suite of options that an advisor or organization can customize the solution to best plug into their systems and fit their needs.

Genivity could have a profound effect on the financial advising industry because of our focus on health and how it relates to wealth and a client’s legacy.

“Our solutions help the industry by providing smarter data-driven recommendations that better prepare their clients for retirement. Naturally, the financial advisor industry is recommendations based. The difference is our recommendations center around health and longevity and branch outward from there when traditionally the approach has always been financed based. To me, our approach seems very intuitive as the saying goes “you have nothing if you don’t have your health,” and the data shows the largest unforeseen costs center around health issues, so how can you create a plan you have confidence in if you aren’t taking into account the “heart” of the plan, pun intended.”

Heesh urges everyone he interacts with to talk to their financial advisor about how health and longevity are factoring into their future. If they don’t have a good answer, ask them about HALO from Genivity and let them know that you want to take into account your personalized health outlook when planning for retirement.