Financial Advisor + Client Relationships | Engaging Client Meetings

Trust is the foundation for all relationships. Marriages, friendships, coworkers, or simply acquaintances all have to have a baseline level of trust in order to operate properly. Your relationships with your clients are no different. Money is an incredibly precious asset that needs to be managed properly, so it stands to reason that your clients trust you to do just that.

When your clients trust you to manage their wealth, they aren’t just asking you to put it into the right accounts or budget things appropriately, they are asking you to take action that is necessary to make their investments last. If you can spot things that will stretch their money further, they are trusting you to tell them.

Trust leads to deeper conversations

It should come as no surprise then that health and wealth go hand in hand. Medical costs are exploding and one of the easiest ways to make sure your clients have enough for the future is to focus on their health. Reducing the amount of medical intervention they will need in the future or the number of years they will need in assisted living is the number one way to prolong their retirement funds. If you know a way to reduce these expenses, they trust you’ll share that information.

These conversations, however, can be hard sometimes. It’s not easy to tell people to change their lifestyles or tell them to see a doctor, but they are the right course of action if you are serious about getting your clients money to last. Talking to your clients about their health can be as simple as asking them if they are having an annual physical or discussing their genetic risks for familial diseases. If your clients have blatantly unhealthy lifestyles or are operating on poor information about their health, find a way to tactfully advise them in a different direction, using money as a catalyst for the conversation.

Remember, it’s all about trust. You wouldn’t be doing your job properly if you were avoiding conversations, even if they are tough, that would save your clients money in the long run. They trust you with their wealth, repay their trust with honesty.