Your Financial Practice | Client-Focused Marketing

Some companies struggle to differentiate themselves from other practices. With the sea of financial advising options available, there are many places for clients to choose from. The companies that have been able to differentiate themselves tend to have a steady performance. They focus on the needs and wants of their clients, specifically on how their services address their customer’s core issues. In other words, to differentiate yourself, you must have your clients in mind.

Look Toward the Future

The direction that the financial industry will take is uncertain. With the advancements in technology, the path this industry takes is endless. However, it is important that you anticipate the next new products or advertising campaigns. For example, Blockbuster never anticipated Netflix to take over the industry. They assumed they would be the leader in movie rentals, which ultimately led to their demise. Begin to brainstorm potential future competitors and opportunities. Leaders that think outside the box and brainstorm options that will benefit their clients will experience the most steady performance.

Have Empathy

Understand your clients’ point-of-view and situation. If your client blows half of their savings for a new expensive car, you should attempt to understand what led her to this decision. Even if you do not understand your client’s decisions, you should hold off on judgment. Rather, you should focus on returning your client’s financial health back to normal.

On this topic, it is crucial that you not only understand their finances but also your clients’ emotions and circumstances. Take notice of their changes in tone or when they act out of character. Every individual has faced difference experiences. Pay attention to how this affects their financial planning and step in when their actions hurt their long-term plan.


Your academics, on-going education, and professional development are crucial to meet the financial goals of your clients. Your clients will be more trusting of your services if you have the education to backup your claims. If your clients do not understand these credentials, make sure to explain these certificates. Clients will appreciate a financial advisor that explain their expertise in the field. It signals to clients that you have the education and communication skills to provide excellent services.

Differentiating yourself from other practices include planning for the future, being compassionate with your clients, and having the education to serve as a financial advisor. With these three tools, you can work to differentiate yourself from the crowd.


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