Announcing the Genivity HALO + Orion Integration

HALO by Genivity + Orion Integration

Creating engaging, personalized client experiences is now even easier with the HALO integration with the Orion Advisor Services solutions suite. 

The HALO assessment enables you and your clients to see personalized longevity projects along with risk of chronic illness and what that amounts to for care costs for the duration of their life expectancy. The data-driven algorithm behind HALO accounts for family health history and lifestyle factors to provide accurate projections for individual clients.

Benefits of Using HALO by Genivity with Orion

Quick Advisor Access

Launch the HALO Advisor Dashboard directly from your Orion integrations page. With single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, you don’t have to remember another password or visit another site to get full access to your HALO dashboard that contains everything you need to make the most of your Genivity integration. 

Integrated HALO Assessment

Your clients will be able to access the HALO assessment directly from their Orion client portal. This seamless access allows your clients to easily take the HALO assessment ahead of your annual client meetings.

Robust Advisor Dashboard

The HALO advisor dashboard contains a robust amount of data that enables you to create deeper, more engaging client experiences while giving you the information needed to appropriately plan for your clients’ longevity and health care costs.