Healthcare Costs + Financial Planning | Solutions for Financial Planners

There are trillions of dollars surrounding the nearly 80 million baby boomers who are set to retire in the coming years. Such a vast quantity of wealth is undoubtedly going to attract massive competition from the financial management sector. And with the rise of robo advisors, there’s more and more competition for the pre-retirement crowd, too.

With so much money and so much competition, do you have a plan to set yourself apart from the crowd? More importantly, can you address your clients’ concerns with confidence and accuracy?

Asking the Right Questions

The main question most clients have is “will there be enough?” For many financial planners, this can be a fairly daunting question. They don’t know what the future holds, how many years their clients have left, and what level of care they will need in those remaining years. What if you had a different answer? What if you could give your clients a better financial picture of their retirement years and accurately predict how much their care will cost in the future?

Genivity’s HALO (Health Analysis & Longevity Optimizer) can help you do just that. ​Built by trusted experts with backgrounds in computational genetics, data science, and health IT, HALO pinpoints a client’s risk so the advisor can help the client plan for it. The HALO assessment also provides firms with rich and insightful client data. Firms can use the data to spot trends and needs among their clients and prospective clients, which in turn helps them better understand what types of products and solutions their firm should focus on offering.

The opportunity presented by accurately predicting future healthcare costs is unprecedented. With HALO’s analysis, you can give directionally accurate healthcare cost and mortality projections personalized to the client – something that your competition can’t do.

What can HALO do for you?

There’s no reason to believe that health-care related costs will go anywhere but up, wouldn’t you like the opportunity to tell your clients how much money they will need moving into retirement? HALO brings science and financial planning together to reveal critical aspects of a client’s financial future they never considered before with the eye-opening ability to accurately predict future health care costs. These are the questions you need to be asking and this is the tool to set you apart from others in your field.

If you’re interested in working with a cutting-edge healthcare cost prediction solution, read our case study to see how Genivity can benefit your firm as it has so many others already.