Announcing the HALO by Genivity + Orion Integration - Genivity

Orion Advisor Services and Genivity are excited to announce the release of the Genivity HALO integration into the Orion Advisors solutions dashboard. This integration enhances the client portal experience and means that if you use Orion, you’ll now have quick access to the HALO Planner so you can deliver personalized longevity and healthcare expense planning to your clients even easier than before.

How your clients benefit from HALO

Health and eldercare expenses are the biggest unknown in financial planning.  Most advisors base their estimate on the average person, but your clients are not average.

And it’s no secret that longevity is a hot topic of conversation for advisors. With clients living longer than ever before, financial and retirement planning is getting more and more complex. Add to it increased longevity and the uncertainty of out-of-pocket health and elder care expenses and things can get complicated quickly.

The HALO Planner enables you and your clients to see personalized longevity projections along with how to think about retirement in terms of active healthy years and later elder care years and the related health expenses at each phase along the way.  The data-driven algorithm behind HALO accounts for family health history and lifestyle factors to provide personalized projections for individual clients.

As client lifestyles and histories change, the HALO Planner continues to refine their projections, which is why Genivity recommends clients update their HALO assessment at least once a year.

The nature of the assessment also opens the door for you as the advisor to start having better conversations around health and how it can affect client wealth and planning.  With personalized longevity and health care expense projections in hand, you can help your clients better plan for retirement and elder care as they age and prepare for their next stage in life.

How the integration works

If you’re an Orion advisor customer already, you’ll be able to add HALO by Genvity to your clients’ dashboards as soon as you purchase your HALO subscription.

Orion Client Portal

Image 1: Orion Client Portal with Genivity Access

Once your clients login to their portal, all they need to do is click the Genivity tab in the top Tools navigation menu and the HALO assessment will open directly in the portal. Directing them to the assessment is a great way to prepare for a client meeting, as it will allow you to have all of the data prior to them coming to your office.

Orion HALO Asssessment

Image 2: HALO Assessment in the Client Portal

The client can take the assessment directly in the portal. After a client has taken the HALO assessment, you’ll be able to see all of your stored client data in the secure HALO advisor dashboard, using a single sign-on, which you can access from your Orion integrations dashboard.

Orion HALO Advisor Portal

Image 3: Genivity Advisor Dashboard Launch Button on the Orion Advisor Dashboard

Once in your HALO advisor portal, you can see usage stats as well as individual client results and reports. You can use the reports as a starting point for your client discussions and help provide a more robust, engaging, and personalized client experience.

HALO Adivsor Portal

Image 4: Example Advisor Dashboard with HALO Usage Stats

Enhance your HALO experience

When you begin using HALO, you can take your experience even further by embedding the HALO Planner assessment directly on your advisor website. You can leverage the HALO Planner to drive lead generation and business development by directing prospective clients directly to your site to take the assessment.

Once they take the assessment, you can access the lead information within your HALO dashboard via your Orion advisor portal.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to start the health and wealth conversation and provide a more personalized client experience, schedule a consultation today. Once you subscribe to an annual HALO plan, you’ll be able to add it to your workflow directly within your Orion advisor portal.

Not an Orion user yet? Be sure to learn more about Orion and their many integrations here.